Very Cool Tech-Talk
Dumb terminals, net neutrality, and wellness with hot cheese
By Alejandro Rosado with Ted Byrne
Date Published: 3/1/2015


Once again, Ted Byrne talks with Alejandro Rosado, CEO of 12:34 MicroTechnologies


Brrrrr … cold? Yeah, on my walk to the meet, they were using toasters to make ice. It was frigid enough to stick Miley Cyrus to a wrecking ball. I’ll tell you, the city cold made middle school boys pull their pants up! By the time I got to the pub for my Thursday afternoon talk with Alejandro Rosado it was frigid as a steel outhouse in Nome. 

At a window table he had my Guinness drawn, a bowl of hot munchies, and his crystal glass half-filled with something yellow and faintly iridescent. As always, I felt like a kid off to fun at re-education day-camp.

I’ve learned that my friend’s insights probably come from this IT guy’s appreciation for the reality of what the rest of us consider unreality. You know, it’s their job to look behind the monitors we’re all peering into. 

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