Lancaster Edition

Why B2B

Launched in September of 2000, Lancaster County's is the flagship edition of Keyword Communication's Business2Business publications which also include a different edition in Berks County, and our newest edition in the Harrisburg Metro market.

Each month Lancaster Business2Business delivers in-depth analysis of strategic and tactical managerial issues challenging area executives. Business2Business is a lively, accessible magazine designed to hold the attention of the market's busiest people - its decision makers.


Well in excess of 7,500 precisely selected executives receive the Lancaster edition each month. Business2Business has painstakingly prepared a targeted portfolio of qualified recipients through a merging and culling of lists we've obtained from Dun & Bradstreet and vital area business, professional, and social organizations. Then, to enrich this core of mid-sized and large enterprise executives, we continually invite subscription nominations from our readership. We're confident that no one has a more effective Lancaster County database concentrated upon this market. In addition we discretely distribute limited numbers of complimentary monthly copies through various up-market, high traffic settings like finer bookstores, key business associations, elegant hospitality sites and select institutions of higher education.

Pass-along Readership

Since our content is analytical rather than breaking news, it has a shelf life that encourages both archiving and pass-along readership. With approximately three readers per issue, we can project well over 21,000 Lancaster County readers. Collections of recent and past Lancaster Business2Business Magazines have found a home atop the county's foremost credenzas.

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Recurring Columns: Advertising, Attitude, Book Reviews, Dining, Economic Forecast, Executive Suite, Financial, Human Resources, InfoTech, Issues, Investing, Legal, Life Lessons, Management, Sales & Marketing, Metrics, Operations, Risk Management, Trends.

Submitting Ideas & Articles

The best topics come from the people interested in them. The focus/cover story each month is frequently the result of suggestions from Harrisburg Metro executives who want input on some common problem. Our technical writers are eager for ideas. It's rewarding to have readers think of our articles as lively consultant reports on current issues. Have a suggestion or input? Send us your feedback.

And many of our most interesting features are written by area executives with a desire to share what they've learned. If you have an idea for an article, follow these instructions. These contributions are an important reason why Business2Business is thought of as monthly thinking, about business.

Advertising Power

With editorial content carefully married to the interests of our influential readership, Harrisburg Metro Business2Business delivers an efficient advertising platform. In terms of cost per thousand, no other media provides a more powerful vehicle to advertisers with a message for the up-market readers - Readers who make the key buying decisions in Harrisburg Metro businesses, non-profit associations and governments.

While no two editions of Business2Business are the same, and while each has many different stories and considers different questions with its own profiles of key business leaders, hot enterprises, cool executive dining sites, issues and trends, there is one thing they share. For a regional advertiser, each edition has an ability to compliment its neighbor. Synergy sings from the efficiencies of running an advertisement in multiple markets. For more information on the effectiveness of Business2Business and beyond, view our print advertising or online advertising overview.

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