Online Advertising Overview


Business2Business Online is a manager's Internet toolkit. Our experts shape information into useful knowledge to create smart strategic and tactical tools. Business2Business Online is a multi-media interactive assembly of best practices for agile managers.

Knowledge is power, and Business2Business Online distills knowledge so managers can understand robust techniques in sales, IT, distribution, legal, finance, HR, marketing, operations, risk, and other vital functional components of for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental management.

For the manager that means spontaneous access to hundreds and hundreds of exclusive power tools. For the Business2Business Online advertiser who must deliver a message to those executives: it means access - that's power 24/7.

Power Tools

Business2Business Online advertising/underwriting availabilities exist on a limited basis:

  • Content: Expert articles searchable by keywords that relate to management challenges.
  • Audio: Podcasts designed for download for access in MP3 players and utilized during management commutes/travel.
  • Video: Highlighting critical techniques and providing analysis from writers and editors.
  • Magazine: Access to the latest print editions of Business2Business Magazines in their entirety.

All of our experts come from this region and understand the peculiar opportunities for creating wealth, income and jobs in Pennsylvania. An expertise that flavors all of their work.