Public Relations

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Note press releases are to be sent ONLY to This is the ONLY address where we can guarantee they will be reviewed for acceptance. Please see that they are formatted as Microsoft Word documents by the 1st of the month preceding publication. All attached art should be in either .jpg or .pict formats with a density of 150 dpi, and formatted in CMYK. Please no Acrobat submissions. While we will do our best to include unsolicited material, space constraints force us to prioritize and edit much of the material we receive. Of course, we will consider everything but publish as we find appropriate. Again, please note, media/press releases will only be certain of consideration for use if they are sent to


For letters to the editor and critical comments, Click Here.

Article Submissions

But please be aware of certain guidelines:

  • All submissions and queries must be made electronically as e-mail attachments to
  • Please include your name, affiliation, title, address, expertise in the field about which you are writing, your prior publishing history (if any), and a daytime telephone number.
  • Articles should be in the 850-950 word length and formatted as Microsoft Word documents (please do not submit PDF files - they will not be read). Accompanying art (if any) should be formatted as .jpg, Illustrator, or Photoshop files with a density of 300 dpi, and formatted in CMYK.
  • If a form of the submission has appeared in another publication, please provide relevant details.
  • We remunerate those uninvited submissions which we choose to publish with the detailed credit lines which you can see in the magazine at the close of many articles.
  • The body copy of submissions may not mention the names of firms, products, or names of their authors or the author's colleagues. Neither do we want essays that tease but do not pay off the basic questions asked without contacting the author. We seek articles with value primarily to our readers, not to their authors. However, while the credit line becomes a credential for the integrity of the article to the reader, it also becomes an important referral source to the reader who is seeking additional guidance/input/consultation from authors capable of conveying value on key topics.
  • We publish only articles which are written by authors who reside and /or work within the circulation footprint of our publications - specifically in the Greater Harrisburg Metro area, Lancaster or Berks county. We will not consider submissions from outside of that region.
  • Submissions for any specific edition must be received on the last work day prior to the 1st of the month preceding its cover date.
  • Business2Business Magazines, of course, reserves the right to decide what, how, and when it will publish submissions.

Please forward non-press release/promotional submissions and queries to Ted Byrne, managing editor/economist at Business2Business publications.